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Explore Le Marche

With unforgettable views of the Adriatic Coast, spectacular medieval sites and a myriad of art galleries, Le Marche is not to be missed. Let us be your personal guides during your stay and explore best places in Italy together.

Best Luxury Italian Resort in Montappone

Montappone Hat Museum

Montappone’s known not just for its rolling hills or lush farmland, but for its hats, too.

Shop for perfectly constructed Panamas and Porkpies, then pop by the local hat museum to see last fedora worn by legendary Italian director, Federico Fellini.


The quaint town of Fermo, situated in the central Italian region of le Marche, is known for its epic, hill-laden landscapes and is one of the best places to visit in Italy. It's also as ancient as it is beautiful; The remains of its defensive walls—which date back to the Roman Empire—can still be seen along Fermo's boundaries.

Fermo sits atop the Sabulo hill (which is 319 meters above sea level), a position allowing visitors to enjoy dazzling views of the hills below.

Best Luxury Italian Resort in Montappone


A must for lovers of classical music, Macerata hosts one of Europe’s most prestigious annual opera festivals at her internationally famous outdoor theatre, the Arena Sferisterio. Try a proper cappuccino at Café Venanzetti while seeing one of the town’s many charming churches and basilicas.

With its combination of rich Roman history, inimitable wine tours, archeological museums, and unique restaurants and bars, there’s little wonder why Ascoli Piceno is one of Le Marche’s most unsung gems.


Urbino is a storied town replete with Renaissance-era works by famous 15th century artists like Raphael himself, as well as lesser-known, yet great painters of the time worthy of equal regard, such as Federico Barocci and Titian.

From its pristine beaches to its succulent seafood, Pesaro is the definitive jewel of Italy’s Adriatic Coast and the best holiday spots in Italy. Marvel at one of Europe’s grandest natural parks in Monte San Bartolo before taking in exquisite gardens and opulent Baroque architecture via the town’s many famous villas.