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Wine Cellar

Nestled at the back of the restaurant, under the ancient stone staircase is where you can visit our wine cellar.

To complement your dining experience, our sommeliers Emanuele Caraceni and Fabiola Costanzi can recommend the perfect wine for your palette from our very special selection of over 400 labels. Our wine selection has been carefully crafted from various regions of Italy and around the world. Emanuele and Fabiola have hand picked special wines from all over Le Marche to highlight the main wine producing areas. Our international wine selection is curated to please any wine connoisseur.

Our team is trained to recommenced the perfect wine from our cellar to accompany your menu selection. In addition to wine, we have some fine champagnes, grappa, rum, whisky and dessert wines in our selection so you can be sure to find the perfect partner for your meal.