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Our Family


Fabiola Costanzi

Fabiola is the general manager of our restaurant and she’s been with us from the very beginning here at this best luxury hotel in Italy. As a trained sommelier, she has an impeccable taste for wine and often helps guests choose the best bottle to complement their meal choices and personal preferences. Fabiola describes herself as a life long learner and can be found consuming various scientific publications whenever she gets the chance. She attributes her love of learning to her mother, a former school teacher with a passion for education.

Emanuele Caraceni

Many consider our general manager, Emanuele, to be the glue of our team. As an original, he is as adaptable as he is dedicated to his job, and there isn’t a special request he can’t meet at this luxury beach resort in Italy. Emanuele is also a headwear expert; His previous job was at a hat factory, an industry common to natives of Montappone. In his spare time, he loves playing with his daughter and debating sports with friends over fine wine. He cites his 88-year-old grandmother as his greatest influence for her tenacity and strength.


Maicol Riccucci

Maicol is one of the owner’s two sons, and has been at our hotel from day one. As head chef of our restaurant, his sole purpose is to create the best, most delectable dishes reflective of Le Marche’s culinary roots. His passion for food is contagious and it's evident in his execution. He honed his culinary skills as a young boy while helping out at his parents' local pizzeria, “La Carovana," and he's turned into a consummate chef since. Maicol is also an avid sports fan and like Emanuele, can be found on any given day watching his beloved soccer club, AC Milan, on television.

Francesca Montagna

As our cleaning manager of three years, Francesca owns one of the toughest of tasks here, though her positivity and patience ensure nothing fazes her. A creative at heart, Francesca used to be an animator, and spends her down time doing makeup for clients who attend high-end dinner parties. She also enjoys training her Border Collie, Cosmo, and one day hopes to train him for obstacle races as an agility dog.


Cristiano Riccucci

Like his brother Maicol, Cristiano has seen the inception of our hotel and often helps with operations at our sister pizzeria in town, La Carovana. A part owner since the beginning, he regards his parents—our hotel’s originators—as his greatest inspiration and it’s ever evident in his pride and dedication to our guests’ utmost comfort. Being with family is the most important part of life for Cristiano, and he strives to be the best father to his daughter Sveva.

Matilde Nardi

Matilde works in our reception area and is the first face guests see upon entering. She ensures every guest is warmly greeted , working tirelessly to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Matilde also serves our guests breakfast every morning, and is happy to help in any other way she can. She’s one of our youngest team members, having earned her role after a two-month internship. An elite-level gymnast, Matilde loves to keep active every day, not to mention she’s an avid traveler and is ever-seeking new adventures abroad.


Matteo Buccolini

Matteo is one of our assistant chefs, and he’s been with us since 2017. When he’s not experimenting with fresh, local ingredients or crafting new, mouth-watering dishes, he’s likely helping to make delicious pizzas. Matteo is a true example of loyalty, commitment and hard work. His first passion has always been food.

Carlo Ciccioli

Carlo’s role here is rarely celebrated, yet one of the most crucial—he ensures that all guests who dine with us are treated with utmost attention and care. A natural extrovert, Carlo thrives on constant, cordial communication with both his restaurant team and the guests on whom he waits in our acclaimed space. He’s also a fine pianist, an appreciator of social advertising, a devourer of sports journalism, and an aspiring jet setter with an endless appetite for travel. He cites being a fireman as his main dream, and intends on accomplishing it.

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