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The 3rd Annual Wine and Food Festival

One of our hotel’s best kept secrets is something we call the Palazzo Riccucci Wine Festival, which we host every year in late July. We invite a select number of acclaimed wineries and food artisans from Marche region, all of whom an array of samplings for our guests to taste. Last month we ran our…

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Celebrate Easter like an Italian in Le Marche

Dear, traveler: Thank you for reading the first of what will be many editions of our newsletter. Simply, put—we wish to share the beauty of our home with you. We trust the forthcoming stories about out hotel—and Montappone herself—will inspire you to no end. Easter is Italy’s biggest holiday that is not called Christmas. Every…

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Wine Festival 2018

Each year we host the Wine Festival, featuring wines from the Marche region. With over 400 guests, 90 plus wine varieties featuring 25 local wineries, this event is a guest favourite.

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Whether it’s an intimate sharing of vows amongst family, or that grand, fairytale wedding, Palazzo Riccucci has several beautiful venues to choose from with some of the most picturesque settings in the Italian countryside.

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Private Events

Throughout the seasons, we love to plan special events that highlight our property, the Marche region and cherished holidays that are important to us and our guests. From birthday parties we consistently create unforgettable moments and memories.

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