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The 3rd Annual Wine and Food Festival

One of our hotel’s best kept secrets is something we call the Palazzo
Riccucci Wine Festival, which we host every year in late July. We invite a select number
of acclaimed wineries and food artisans from Marche region, all of whom an array of
samplings for our guests to taste. Last month we ran our third edition of the event and
suffice it to say, it’s not much of a secret anymore.

Every iteration of our wine festival has topped the last, and
this year’s was no exception. Last month on the 21st, our popular poolside terrace
hosted well over 500 attendees—a record number for us. Guests from the world over
tasted fresh samples of local classics produced by artisans, like fresh pecorino cheese,
“paccasasso,” a type of fennel that’s culled from the Adriatic Sea before it’s pickled, and
“culatello,” a bolder, more complex cousin of Parma’s famed prosciutto and Ciauscolo –
the world famous salami from the Marche region.

Oenophiles savoured well over 100 different types of authentic Marchigiani wines from
24 local wineries, including Verdicchio, Passerina, Montepulciano and Sangiovese.

Our chef, Maicol, complemented the aforesaid fare with crowd favourites from our own
kitchen, like our jervicella-based tortelli, all manner of wood-oven pizza and a live
cooking demonstration featuring his delectable guinea fowl meatballs. “What I love is
that more and more people are attending this each year,” exclaimed Emanuele
Caraceni and Fabiola Costanzi, our General Manager. “Our region of Italy is finally
getting the recognition it deserves. Plus, we are beyond thankful to everyone who came
and helped us grow in the process.”